So I guess my infatuation with dating, sexuality, and the relationship between men and women really took off the same night we coined the phrase “Sexually Rude.”

I had just been dumped so I ventured out to put a band-aid on my wounds.

…AKA get drunk and get laid.

Maybe it’s the good ol’ fashioned repression that comes along with being female in a sexual situation, but I had always been kind of hesitant expressing my desires.  Now, that isn’t to say that that’s wrong entirely, and I’m not necessarily suggesting you necessarily go asking for anal sex and nipple clamps the first night you get naked with a guy.  But, as a waitress, I know that we women know EXACTLY how to ask for our food.  (IE: “Cobb salad with no chicken, sub shrimp, but could you please blacken the shrimp, dressing on the side… oh and no tomato.”) Sex and food are almost tied in order of importance in my life (don’t underestimate me either: I’m Italian), and you could argue that one cannot survive without food, but I say sex is necessary for survival too.  [Hey, it’s necessary for the survival of our species!]

But even though you could survive on it, you don’t just eat rice and beans and veggies day in day out, do you?!  You spice it up! You get it the way you like it!

The thing is, we no longer have to hunt down our meals, but seeking a fine mate seems to be more difficult than finding good pizza on the west coast!  We all know the best meals come from mom’s house, or were made by a lover’s hands.  The heartiest food comes from the heart. Whether it actually tastes better or you can just taste the love is irrelevant.

The same goes for love filled sex.  At least passion filled sex. This is where the dreaded RELATIONSHIP word comes in. The relationship between a man and woman participating in this beautiful act is just as important as the physical act itself as far as how it makes you feel.

I guess what I’m saying is I just wanna share my thoughts about sex, and if what I say strikes you as sexually rude, then… whatever go elsewhere and blog about it. Ha. I’ll tell you about my own personal, and often unbelievably ridiculous (unfortunately for me and luckily for you!) experiences.  I’ll give you my own advice regarding sex and relationships (Take at your own risk. Some exclusions apply.  See me for details).  If I sound like a know-it-all and you think I’m wrong, feel free to tell me to go fuck myself. Or just move to another webpage.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

(… that’s what she said….?)

Oh, and as for that night, I retold the story of my “sexual rudeness,” as we called it, and my girl friends and I had a great laugh about it.  [“You better not finish without me; this is the only condom I have!  Slow down, you’re doing it too fast!  Flip over! Ugh– since you couldn’t hold it, I guess you’re going down on me!”] Later that evening, though, my own words  ran through my head repeatedly… was it rude that I was asking for what I wanted?? I finally told a guy what I want, didn’t treat him like a mindreader, and he didn’t quite know what to do with the information.  Guys, it might behoove you to continue reading.  Ladies, get behind this movement with me?

Much love ❤