…in the butt…???

My own butt. True story.

So I’ve been looking up sex toys to use on the new hot lady friend. Once we have both gone down on each other, I think we both feel, since we are– I’ll say a larger percentage (?) heterosexual, like we are missing “the big finish.”

So I’ve been looking into getting a double-sided dildo. I want to fuck her, but I wanna feel like I’m getting some dick too! The problem is. however , that there are really no “tools” (heh– tools) that really give you that in and out motion at the exact same time. The best i could imagine would be an intricate device, held on to the floor with some sort of suction cup, which came off the ground high enough so that we could go doggy style with each other, but who wants to go “ass to ass” with a soft girl? I don’t — I want to touch her. SO-  the majority of what is left is a strap on with “anal plug.”

Am I TOTALLY missing out here?? I have just never gotten into the whole anal thing. Will this be the demise of my lesbian love life?