[Forest Gump reference, anyone?? …Okay well it’s a working title…]

So I really was running today.  Sometimes a guy will hear a runner coming up behind him and do the quick glance behind: it’s human nature… we want to know if it happens to be the next Godzilla going for a quick jog and coming up behind us.

Anyway— when guys see that it’s a possibly babe-a-lish chick sportin’ a sports bra, they often pull the double take. Again, I’m not flattering myself, I’m just saying I’m a girl sans shirt and I’m running… not to say i should audition for the 21st century edition of Baywatch, but if you don’t wear a tight enough sports bra, it’s like “girls on trampolines” in real life.

I wonder if, when the guy does the double-take check-out, sees her face, and doesn’t find the girl attractive, if he still checks her ass out when she runs past him. Does he say to himself, self, we could just kiss with our eyes closed and then do her from behind, so let’s just check? Or. Do you just check because you’re a man and you just like to look at ass? Or– do you not look because you don’t do butterfaces??


Just wondering.

…I think I’d look anyway.  Who am I kidding– I DO look anyway.