Even though I’m sad that loverman is leaving for the next few weeks, the truth is,

a. I’m going to be excited and it will be fun and new and fresh again when he comes back and we have a plenty to catch up on


b. really nice to finally have a bed and all the pillows and blankets to myself (lol)

And one thing I would say about being sexy far away: I always shoot at least one text– many times when I think he is out and it’s inappropriate and might make him blush— and tell him that I just did, and/or am about to get myself off thinking about him. Even if I’m actually exhausted and the only thing im really getting off is the light and maybe the cat off my blankets. No, that’s not some sexual inuendo for pussy, that means the cat likes to sleep in the middle of my bed and if I want a good night’s sleep, I gotta give her the boot from the bed.

Next time you feel sexy, take some time to take a cute pic to use in the future! BUT be sure to exclude any identifiers, like the background of your room, your face, jewelry of yours that can easily be identified… Maybe he’s your trustworthy loving boyfriend now, but when he’s a drunken idiot and with his friends things might change.

You can take cute pics of your face and get sexy with it, but keep it separate.  Additionally: implied pics are good too! Just your fingertips reaching into your belt or maybe pulling your tank strap down are little tease-y pictures that make him think of you naked!

Which is the obvious goal. ;p

Happy clicking. …And happy flicking.

P.s. This is some photo people claim is Miley Cyrus?

Either way, I would do 2 things she did:

  1. Rock the bf’s shirt.  Hottness.
  2. Bleep out the actual parts. I dunno if she actually did it, but again I like the implied.

What I wouldn’t do:

Show that much of my house!!!! …there’s really no denying it with that awful wallpaper