…is to give some ;p

The other AM, I woke boy up with a BJ.

Needless to say, it was a good start to the day  ; )

A little better than an alarm clock, and after a few minutes with the ol’ kisser, I’m sure strapping a condom on and jumpin’ up there is less than a question.  So if you wake up feelin’ frisky, this might be a good way to get the ball rolling… Keep in mind, however, that  a bathroom break is usually needed before crossing the finish line. AM BJ guy is generally the opposite of sexually rude, and he gets the importance of positive reinforcement.

So I figured I’d reinforce this:

BJ Etiquitte:

Disputed: don’t push the girl’s head down.  In a kinky way, it could be hot. You know I love [mutually accepted] bedroom violence, but this move can be construed as sexually rude. This goes for nudging the act into play and during the play itself.  Really it all depends on how well you know each other.  And hopefully if you’re oral sexing you at least know the person’s last name.  …Or can look it up on facebook ; p

Undisputed: (Among my friends, anyway)

1. Don’t let that hair get wild. And we can tell if you haven’t showered.  That ish stinks.  And it’s salty.  Ew. And if you are un-showered, and I like you, I’m usually down anyway, at least for a little bit.  But give the heads up.

2. Do make noises! Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Just a little: ooh, aah, right there, oh yeah does the trick.  If you want to take it a little further, give a little instruction.  This goes twenty fold for women.  Say what you like, or even go as far as to make suggestions.  S/he is going down on you to make you feel good! Don’t work against that! You deserve it  ; )

3. Do give us a HEADS UP! If you’re about to finish, let me know… again, chances are if I know you and like you and know you’re disease free, I’m down for the big finish.  If not, I’d suggest a little pre-planning.  Face, chest, tissue…

4. More positive reinforcement! When it’s all over, act like that was the best experience of your life! Be thankful! The more appreciative you are, the more likely it will happen again.  And it should happen again.  You deserve it   ; )