Ladies.  When a sexy babe gets onto the elevator with you and your man friend, and his eyes glaze over, don’t get down on yourself!

A. It’s human nature for guys to be interested in fresh meat.  It’s the same reason boys in grade school always chase the new girl in class.  This is the same phenomenon carried over, decades later.

But B., you can use to your advantage that littler green monster that many of us find ourselves repressing when in this situation… what about her draws him in???


My guy friend recently asserted to me that he can tell whether a girl is hot or not from behind.  That there’s some positive correlation between the way a woman dresses and her level of hotness.  I was appalled at first! Sometimes I don’t dress up! Sometimes I rock some sweatpants.  Say somethin’!

But then I sat at the bar, at the back of the room and did some babe watching.  (Life is tough.)  Even though the hot girls didn’t necessarily wear heels and rock mini skirts, I realized he was kind of right.  The babes always had semi-polished hair, some sort of make-up, and clothes that were right for their body types.

So take note of elevator babe.  I’m not saying go out and dye your hair every 2 weeks for an extra-added expense of $500/month.  I’m not saying pay for a manicure.  I’m saying pluck your eyebrows yourself.  Blowdry or straighten or curl your hair.  Wear a big piece of jewelry [forever 21—cannot go wrong. …until it falls apart.  But enjoy it ‘til then.  Ride it ‘til the wheels fall off!] for a conversation piece/ to draw attention to yourself.

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself.  If you look in the mirror and feel happy and confident about the way you look, you will radiate that self-confidence and beauty, and draw men in.

….and that’s all I got to say about thaaatttt.

Oh yeah, actually: and wear clothes that flatter your body.  Not every trend or article of clothing from your friend’s closet will look good on you.  That’s okay.  The best opinion is a man’s opinion. When you dress up for your girl friends, that’s who you’re going home with.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing… 😉

…more on that to follow… 😉